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What Everybody’s Asking about Kendall Yards

May 12, 2010

What is the vision for Kendall Yards?
Kendall Yards is an urban development that places a high emphasis on environmental sustainability and walkability. When finished Kendall Yards will be a compact, complete, authentic urban community.
The Master Plan for Kendall Yards is available on the Kendall Yards website, www.

Where is the initial phase of homes located?
The first phase of homes at Kendall Yards will be located west of the Maple/Ash corridor on the 1800 block of West Bridge Avenue between Oak and Elm.

What is the price range for homes in the initial phase?
The base prices start at $119,990 for homes in the first phase. We are striving to provide homes that Spokane residents can afford. Buyers will have the choice to add additional upgrades if they purchase before construction is completed. Special financing is available for all new homes at Kendall Yards from our mortgage partner.

What are the sizes of the homes in the first phase?
Homes start at 1,074 Sq. Ft. in the first phase at Kendall Yards. The initial phase will include Greenstone’s Cityside Townhomes and The Lofts Townhomes. There will also be 9 lots for alley entry single family homes. The townhomes range from 1,140 Sq. Ft. to 1,744 Sq. Ft. The detached single family homes start at 1,074 Sq. Ft.

We are very interested in green building, what are Greenstone’s practices?
Every Greenstone home is constructed to ENERGY STAR specifications. We use low-emission paints and carpets, efficient heating and cooling equipment, and high performance windows.  We use advanced framing techniques and we specially seal the home’s heating and cooling ducts to help reduce drafts, moisture, dust, pollen, pests, and noise. You can expect better air quality and lower utility costs.

Will there be maintenance free services at Kendall Yards?
Yes. The townhomes in Kendall Yards will have yard maintenance and snow plowing included in the monthly association dues. Detached single family homes will also be maintenance free in the initial phase.

What will the monthly association dues be at Kendall Yards?
Monthly association dues will vary depending on the home you purchase and the level of maintenance services you receive.  Learn more at

Will home owners at Kendall Yards have to pay property tax?
Multi-family homes at Kendall Yards will qualify for a partial property tax exemption through the City of Spokane. For more information please contact Jayson Hunnel at 509-720-8401.

When can I view homes at Kendall Yards?
By fall 2010 homes that are available for sale will be accessible for viewing. To view finished houses before that time you can visit another Greenstone community to see completed homes and townhomes. We suggest visiting Ponderosa Ridge in Spokane’s Indian Trail area, River District on the Spokane River in Liberty Lake, Rocky Hill in Liberty Lake, and Coeur d’Alene Place in Coeur d’Alene Idaho.

Can I pick the interior finishes for my home at Kendall Yards?
Yes. If you purchase your home before construction starts or in an early stage of construction you will be able to choose your home’s finishing touches at Greenstone’s full service Design Center. We recognize that your home is a significant investment. Your comfort and satisfaction are important to us. At our Design Center you’ll be able to walk through sample rooms for a first-hand look at options in lighting, paint, plumbing fixtures, flooring, carpets, cabinets and tile. We want you to be confident that the design of your new home reflects your personal style.

I want to write a Purchase and Sale Agreement, who can I contact to do so?
To submit an offer please contact our Kendall Yards Sales Team at 509-720-8401. We’re honored that you want to live in a new Greenstone home at Kendall Yards.

I have my own builder, can I purchase a lot?
No. In the initial phase Greenstone Homes will be the only builder. This may be an option in future phases.

I want my home to have a view of the Spokane River, when will those homes be available?
Greenstone is maintaining an interest list for these lots.

When will Kendall Yards be complete?
Kendall Yards is projected to be completed in 15 years. This depends on Real Estate and Commercial market conditions, local and regional economic indicators, and home and commercial sales in the community.